The Center for Guerrilla Law consists of friends who work in the fields of litigation, of mediation and of legal education. The Center attempts to analyze how the law perpetuates injustice and how we can merge theory and practice to combat social inequity and to alleviate individual suffering.  
Paul Harris is the directing attorney. Bernadette Aguilar is the legal worker.  
Affiliates provide services such as  
Criminal Litigation: Bobbie Stein, Rich Ingram & Jason Cueva  
Criminal Litigation and Personal Injury: Dennis Roberts  
Mediation: Maria Ramos & Chris Kanios  
Indian Child Welfare Cases: Patrick Romero Guillory  
Psychological Counseling and Psychodrama Workshops for Burnt-out Lawyers: Richelle Jacobs  
Video Production for Legal Cases or Projects: Abby Ginzberg  
Web-Site Services: Josh Harris  


Guerrilla Lawyers in Action



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