The Black Rage Defense and the Death Penalty, by Paul Harris
Warrior-Lawyer: A trial strategy and a progressive law manual, by Paul Harris
Mediation: A Progressive Model of Dispute Resolution, by Chris Gus Kanios
What's Left? Crime Control, Society and the Left's Responses, by Bobbie Stein  
Essay on Guerrilla Lawyering  
Excerpts from the book BLACK RAGE CONFRONTS THE LAW, by Paul Harris (NYU Press)  
Cultural Considerations in Domestic Violence Cases: A National Judge's Benchbook,
by Maria Ramos
Resolving Internal Conflicts Within the National Lawyers Guild: "Our Not-So-Bloody- History"  
$4 million verdict vs. FBI/Police in Earthfirst case  
Retro (In)spection: The Government's Renewed Spying on Political Activists, by Bobbie Stein  


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